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Gooner Geek
Sep 5, 2003
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Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK
Hi All

I am new to this board and hope someone can give me some advice. I am working my way through the Essential Nails Airbrush Home Study Course.

When you place the stencil on the first nail it is easy to see where the image will end up because the stencil is clean and clear. After I have sprayed the first nail the stencil is covered in dry paint. Then, when I go to place it on the second or subsequent nails, I can't see exactly where the image will end up. I therefore have a huge amount of trouble getting a good match on each nail. Is there a trick to this?

I hope I have explained it properly. Please Help!!

Glynis :oops:
Hello Glynis,

I know exactly what you mean, and apart from the course, you'll get the same problem when airbrushing on people too! The only solution I found is to rinse off the paint after each application, not very practical timewise, otherwise you just have to guess if you can't see through it properly.

I now use the 'disposable' pre-cut design masks (on frisket) from places like Too Much Fun or Medea, and rarely use the 'plastic' stencils, but thats just my preference.

Good luck with your course.
Hi Glynis,

Welcome to the board fellow Essential Nails Airbrush student (I graduated with 96% last year).

I have to agree with Jackie, rinse/wipe off the excess paint so you can see where you are placing the stencil, it takes LOTS of practice and patience :shock:

I too prefer the design masks even though they work out a bit expensive but I have been able to do a full set of 10 nails with 1 French mask :D

If you have any more questions about the course, feel free to PM me and I will gladly advise you (if I can).

Sharon 8)
hi girls, ive got this prob too with the french stencil, dried paint underneath that ruins my next frustrating is it? where do i get these design masks from? ile try anything to get it rite, i hate paint on french manicures and dont want to do them...Vicky

You can get the design masks from the trade shows or you can order them online from creative at (I think you have to wait to be re-directed to the site). Once on the site you will need to look under Nail Art supplies. I think they are about £15ish a pack but you get loads for that price and as I said in the previous post you can do more than 1 nail if you take them back off carefully ;) .

Hope this helps
Thanks everyone for the replies. I am off to Excel tomorrow, so I'll pick up some masks and give it a go. I'm soooooo glad I found this site!

By the way, anyone else noticed the feet on the model on the front cover of Scratch this month?

Hello Vicky,

I buy my design masks from - look under 'Too Much Fun' products. Medea Beauty ( ) also sell them, but not such a good variety, still have nice ones though. They are a bit pricey to start with, but as Sharon said, you can do a full set with just one mask, and I have been able to re-use some masks more than once. I rarely use plastic stencils these days.

hiya glynis
i'm glad you mentioned the models feet on cover of scratch :shock:
they have been the topic of conversation in the salon, buy it didn't stop at the legs, check out the calf muscles too :shock: :shock:
lol liza xx
As you all know, this is a professional board :idea: As you are all CERTIFIED professionals, you are able to buy wholesale + vat items from professional wholesalers. There is a site and it is run by a very nice guy Andy! Andy's partner Craig is a nail tech and they wantd to offer RETAIL to their customers and others using Creative products!! On the board his prices are RETAIL NOT wholesale which means you are paying at least double what you would normally pay!! By all means get ideas, but for you CERTIFIED professionals - go to the source direct!!! Hope this is clear but in other words, if you buy a CND enamel from his site it will cost £8.50 where as from a OSNS it will cost £2.95 + vat!!! :rolleyes: ;)
I totally agree with what you are saying Mrs Geek but I am in the middle of rural Herefordshire and there is not a OSNS to be seen :(. I can't seem to find rhinestones & masks in the Creative brochure :( so I have to use the internet and order them from the creative nail place web site. I will be forever grateful if you could let me know if there is a somewhere for me to get them at trade price :D (I have a secondary account with Creative).

Many thanks,
Hi all :)

Just to clear something that Mrs Geek has quite rightly pointed out. All the Creative Nail Design range of products on are at retail prices.

However, and this is a big however, all the Nail Art products, books, videos and magazines, featured are at wholesale prices, and available to purchase by Technicians. We also distribute for two US companies, Artnails and Jewel of the Nail.

Hope this helps,

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