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Jun 30, 2004
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stourbridge,west mids
Has anyone ordered the new ellisons catalogue.i order one a while ago now and still waiting for it to come.any help would be very greatfull.

ps are the anyother beauty companies that do mail order etc.
hi phone ellisons again as they r always quite quick with sending out catologues have u got beauty express the number is 0845 702 3803 hth xx
I've tried 3 times now to get a catalogue from them even though I already have an account. I've e-mailed once & rang twice and each time I'm promised that a catalogue will be sent straight out. I've given up now !
Ohhh I Cant Believe U Have Had To Wait So Long I Have Had No Trouble Wat So Ever With Them

Phone Them Up And Complain Xx
i also ordered one a while ago and it still hasnt come, i am putting in an order and am gonna ask em to put a catalogue in with it !!

I ordred a Beauty Express cat and it did take a couple of weeks to arrive, i got it yesterday and it was worth the wait why don't you try ringing them again
Hi Guys i received my catalogue within a matter of days and sent the request via email which i thought would take longer it is worth the wait though as its a fab catalogue maybe try emailing them x
Cos i rang up TWICE and asked for one and it never came. It was only when i rang them up a THIRD time and harassed them ("i'm sure we would have sent you one if you had ordered one" - er, hello?) that one eventually arrived.
Sounds as though their ordering system has a glitch they don't want to admit to...
having said that, it has now arrived and is rather good.
I was the same had called them a few times and had given up all hope and then one landed on my door step.
just as a little matter of interest(ish), since we're in a nail forum, the main person in beauty express (colette) is one of my clients :) and it still takes me a lil while to get a catalogue!

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