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Oct 15, 2007
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could anybody tell me if they have trained as a nail tech with stonebridge college and how they got on.
thanks sharon x x
stonebridge = home study course.

I have done a home study course (not in nails) and it was pathetic. I learn't more getting 2 text books out of the library.

if you are serious about doing this, check with your existing insurance company that they will accept the certificate that they offer you. You may find its not acceptable.
when i was looking into what nail course i was going to do i thought that this one read really well and certainly looked like the best one to do, but on asking a few people i know who work in salons, and of course the fellow geeks on this site the self teach home classes are not all that good and you just end up doing another one so end up being a waste of money (alot of money at that).
I chose to do a course with creative and was told that i would get a job in most salons with this qualification.
There are others that i have since learnt are widely recognised in the industry ie EZflow, but i am still a newbie so still learning all the other names

sian xx
I can undertand that their are certain subjects that are suitable for home study, but any beauty and holistic therapies are just not. You need to be shown over and over again how to do things, you need your tutor to be able to observe your client skills and how you give a treatment.

How can you do that on a home study course, even if you do opt to do a 1 day practical day.

Please save your money and apply for some funding and go for a PROPER COURSE.

How would you feel about going to a dentist that had only studied on a home study course? Would you put your trust in a doctor that had done a correspondence course? Would you let someone wax your legs who had no practical experience but had "passed" through a correspondence course?
Thanks for the advice everyone. So which course would you advise me to do.
love sharon x x

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