Storing shoes and bags


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
What does everybody do? My shoes are on shelf things at the bottom on my wardrobe but it's no way big enough so they're every where, on top of each other, some are dusty, squashed and the bags are worse.

What is the solution apart from a dressing room?!
I hate shoes so much I have a basket by the door and ones not used much go to bedrooms in the wardrobe
I have plastic shoe boxes I got from Dunelm Mill, you can fit two pairs of simple heels in there or fill with flats / sandals. You can stack on top of each other too so nothing gets squished and keeps the dust away :)

Bags I struggle with!! I have a box full and then bags within bags on another shelf (they're my obsession!) and they always end up squished and creased when I want to use them. I've heard door hangers are useful though with 4 or 5 running down the door. Might get in the way a bit though.
Bags within bags is a good idea except I bet I'd forget what id got

Ooh door hangers esp for flatties ... Liking that altho id hang it in the wardrobe
Yeah I do that but then you feel like you have new bags to use when you have a look :D

That makes sense, keeps them hidden as well.

If only we could all have a Kardashian dressing room ♥♥♥

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