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Apr 2, 2011
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Eurgh. They're spreading misinformation to discourage people from having acrylics so they go to her for gel polish ....So annoying !!
Mostly twaddle - misinformation and hysteria designed to scare people into a different type of treatment that suits them not the client.
Not sure why they would even be comparing a gel polish to liquid & powder enhancements - by the sounds of this they are taking about MMA nails IE use of drills/infections etc. I've had a read on the about page and this salon offers liquid & powder plus gel enhancements.
She talks about Shellac but has a picture of GelColor... [emoji19]
It annoys me when people call any old gel polish Shellac!!
It annoys me when people call any old gel polish Shellac!!
It really annoys me too and I dot even use shellac I use OPI Gelcolor but I always tell customers that it isn't shellac it is a brand of gel polish and widely respected like CND Shellac. Annnnd they stare blankly at you and say 'so it's Shellac..?' [emoji45] x

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