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Nov 8, 2015
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Northern Ireland
Can anyone enlighten me as to how you put this on lol I literally find it a nightmare! [emoji85]
I would love to know the same... i have a nightmare taking it off! Can't seem to get the jist!
If putting it on to gel I find wiping off the tacky layer before sticking the striping tape down helps it to stick down better and then can cure a top coat over it before it moves
Ive tried that too thinking that it would work lol , as soon as I put the gel polish top coat on the ends pop up [emoji85]
I hate striping tape! But love my nail vinyls so usually I do that... But make sure to wipe the tacky later
Have u tried curing one finger at a time as soon as the top coat goes on?
Do you take the striping tape off after curing or before curing? To reveal the colour underneath
Empower nail art film is the best, either for making your own strips that you want to remain on the nail or for masking & removing ( hope that makes sense)
@hannah I use coloured striping tape and I leave it on the nail. I'd imagine if u wanted to use it ur way u take it off before curing xx
I actually was trying to keep it on the nail & was trying to get top coat on but it kept lifting at the ends before it was the tape was stuff j bought from ebay could it just be that it's just the tape?
Maybe because I didn't used to get on with it very well then I bought more and it seems to be stickier and works a lot better x
I have the perfecto solution

Basically how do I explain this
I'm going to just do a video

You place it like this always tucked into the sidewalls push really hard in
Do whatever pattern you want but always secure it onto the skin topcoat it like this then once done nip the excess stripping tape off with clippers

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