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May 26, 2012
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Hiya, I'm not a hairdresser but usually always do my hair myself but just need some advice. I stripped my hair about 4 months ago and ended up putting a semi dye on (just a loreal casting in chocolate) so I'd not dyed my hair for a while and stripped it 2 days ago and I wouldn't call it ginger, its more browny like my natural colour but lighter at the roots. My hair is really long and I'm trying to do either blonde or dark blonde with high/low lights. Usually I'd go to the college for a full head of bleach foils but this is impossible with having a baby to look after.

Is there any way I could perhaps do either a bleach shampoo or bleach the whole lot (yes I know it will be very uneven) or could I bleach it once then after that's washed out do it again or maybe but a colour/toner on afterwards? I understand it will dry my hair for a while but has anyone any suggestions what I can do? Could I even pull some through a cap once or twice? Or what would happen if I got just a home dye? I think that would just show on the roots wouldn't it x
I think most of the hairdressers hear will tell you to go to a salon. X

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I think most of the hairdressers hear will tell you to go to a salon. X

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Yep lol

This is a professional forum, you won't get advice on using either professional or box colours on your hair here if you're not a pro...we don't train for years for nothing...doing it yourself is putting your hair and health at risk...
id advice you to go hairdressers you will do a lot of damage attampting it a at home x

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Not hair advice but just an idea...

When my girl was a baby and I couldn't leave her I asked people to recommend someone who was mobile.

Granted you would save money going to college and kids cost a bomb but maybe one of the 3rd years does some mobile work outside of college?? Might be worthwhile going a walk in with your baby one day and asking. You will feel so much better for it (i know I used to DIY) and if your with baby 24/7 a wee pamper at home knowing your baby is safe/happy will do you a world of good ;)

Lindsey x

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