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Nov 17, 2013
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Hi, im a qualified freelance hair and makeup artist. Im thinking about renting out a beauty room for my hair and makeup clients.

However i was also thinking that if im going to rent a room for makeup clients then i should make more use out of the space and also offer waxing as a service.

im thinking of opening up a beauty room late next year also that is when the room is available to rent from the landlord. the location and space is perfect!

My first query is:

1) course choice for waxing ?
There are many course out there. However i am at university part time so cant fit in college full time doing beauty therapy level 2.
There are 3 day courses available in the city where im living. They cost around £300 and the full training is done? 3 days really cant be enough though can they ?????

Financially im at the position where i can employ somebody to do the waxing side of things for me but i would also like to get qualified in this field myself.

2) Is Makeup, Hair styling and waxing a good combination to offer in a beauty room??

3) Other than a beauty room, equipment, accountant and insurance, what other contracts and documents will i need to have under my belt to open my own beauty room ?

Any advice and feedback will be much appreciated... Thank you xx :D

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