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Feb 20, 2004
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Jersey Channel Islands
Had to share this,

Had client in yesterday in extreme pain. Her nails were in desperate need of re-balance, well removal actually.

Client had gone to salon, had mma nails put on, went back for removal, they wouldnt let her so she had re-balance, went back again for re-balance, they didn't have time so offered to paint over them and air brush fancy design - which I shall comend them on it was good. At this stage nails rebalance has clearly entered Zone two. Her natural nails at same length as tips. Her problem initially was for me to fix her pinkie finger. as it appeared to be lifting from cuticle, or should I say Zone two as it was so grown out. When I looked at it It had a see saw effect when pressure applied to free edge. She was complaining of severe pain and also lack of being able to use the hand.

The Nail had cracked from Right to left, and appart from a small area of join it was totally appart from each bit, very painfull. Had a drama trying patch up the gap with acrylic. This failed to work due to extent of crack. Had to remove the nail.

Client was very brave and we got most of nail buffed down and put silk over the crack and then gel to seal. Didn't know what to do in this situation, however, she was very happy when she left. Couldn't have left nail open to the world like it was as she was unable to use whole hand due to pain.

She won't be going back to that salon again. I told her when she gets back to UK to inform her county council. I didn't think it wise to go ranting and raving in the salon. I hope she is gonna be ok.

I ensured that I educated her on the bad experience. We don't need people like that to be put off nails for life do we.

Hope I did the right thing.
:twisted: Hear hear!!! Similar threads seem to be appearing more and more about sub standard work.
I had similar experience to yours with the walk in tech, she too said she was trained by NSI (not qualified, just bin for a day!). Don't want to slate any firm( i like their products) but are we seeing a pattern?
Prob best not to geet soap box out just yet!!!! lol xx:D
Unfortunately we can't do a great deal about the "other" salons, but we can educate the clients we do see as to what they should expect. Ithink you did a good job of repairing her nails for her and after all she was happy when she left.

Funny really but you will be remembered better sometimes for correcting a mistake rather than doing a good job in the first place. Weird i know but it happens that way sometimes.

I agree with you totally, if these large companies are doing training, how can they be issuing certificates to people who clearly cant even hold a nail file. This girl had no notion of grit grades, or even how many layers there are on a nail. I don't blame NSI, they probably tell all their techs to practice practice, they have no control over whether this has been done or not. Not a very good example of training however. I really felt like letting them know so that this person could either be given further advice or made to do training again.

Thankfully my butchered nails and fingers are coming back to life. My god did it sting getting them acrylic lumps off.
i had my first battle with mma this week a lady came - been to the us and had a set in april - still looked good just growth had lost a couple too. took an hour to soak off and when we chatted the salon had all the signs of nss /mma salon they filed her nails with electric file b4 , no sanitation, etc etc., she had been the year b4 too! and said that when she came out both times she couldnt use her hands for a couple of hours as too painful!! why i wondered did she ever go back the followoing year! as the mma soaked off layers of her nail plate were left flapping. it took me a long long time to gentley buff her nails and she insisted on havinga fabric overlay (which im having probs with -) but they looked ice and she was amazed they were not sore and felt fine her freind who had nails there too had had them removed by a salon in our town and they had just attacked them with a file - admitadley they got them off in half the time - but she was in pain! so my client was very grateful i was cautious! im just amazed though -her attitude was oh i thought of no pain no gain !!! had to reeducate her lots...

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