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Apr 19, 2011
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Hi guys,

Just wandering what offers your doing (if any) for the Summer?

I'll be watching this with interest - Im just about to start up with Tanning mobile by the end of April and I have afew ideas but Im interested to hear others opinions!

(p.s Im doing an introductory offer - after this I will push tan parties and have a loyalty card etc)


I always run special offers, normally monthly ones. During the summer I normally put together packages for holidays with various treatments like manicure, pedicure, eyelash tint etc. Last year I had a promotion on pedicures and I did sooo many and the year before that I did a 3 for 2 on waxing with cheapest area done free. That also went well and I didnt find I lost anything as on average clients would book a leg, bikini and brow wax so to give a brow wax away wasnt going to break bank.

hope this helps
Thanks for the info :)

What pedicure package did you do? I'm thinking buy one get one half price
I do monthly special offers, sometimes more often than that, but there is always a special on. Currently I have chocy back scrub and back massage. They are Easter specials! Also I have MD at 60% off - our introductory price.

So may's madness will be buy 1 pedicure and get your 2nd half price - valid on express and luxury pedicures, both to be taken in may. Add a callus peel for only £8! Something like that - I haven't worked out the finer details yet.

June I'm thinking of doing a free Indian head massage voucher with every treatment over £10/15. Indian head is our least popular treatment and it gets people to try it.

July I was thinking of a waxing special - maybe a package leg, bikini and eye brow for X amount.

That's as far as my forward planning has got lol.

Some good ones there Jemima.

I'm only in the first 3 months of trading so it's a bit up & down.
My last offer really hit off so I just want my next offer to be the same.

I guess it's all about testing the waters though
I only opened on nov 12th so new aswell. It's going well so far, I was hoping we'd be busier but were getting there. :)
I opened Jan 17th :)

Some days I do 9-9 back to back & on a complete high. Then other days I have 1 client... I suppose in this industry that's how it goes!

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