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Mar 19, 2007
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Hi Geeks,

I'm thinking about buying the Sunflower Nail Dust System, but would like your advise... Who of you have this dust collector and what's your opinion?
Buy or not, and if not, what system do you recommend me?

I am a starter, do not have many clients yet, but I really need to get rid of the dust when I'm working on nails.

hi mariska

I,ve heard allot of good fibes about the sunflower. Ive seen it work and i was very impressed. I want to buy it to. Although i think you will need a filter in your table to.

Hoi Bubbles ;)
I bought one today!!!! And ofcourse I have installed it to my table the instant I got home, lol. At the shop, I have asked for a demo and boy...I was really impressed!
Coming Monday I have a client, and I am anxious to try the sunflower myself.

The sunflower will collect all small dust parts, so you will not be inhaling these chemicals as you will when you do not use a proper dust collector. The bigger parts will still be falling onto your desk/towel, but you cannot inhale these and those can be removed by cleaning your desk with a disinfectant fluid or clamb cloth. At least, that's what I have been told and what I have seen during the demo.

All and all, I am very pleased with my new equipment!
Great lucky you :lol:

I have to wait a bit more before i can buy one. In the future i,ll will get myn.

Lots of fun wth your new sunflower. I know you wont be dissepointed.

I have the small one and I love it! I do gels and use an E-File most of the time so the Sunflower is a life saver. I do need to use an extra something, but I haven't found what I want. I think a vacuum on my drill would be good.
I think we are a little behind the USA... I don't think we have the sunflower in different sizes. I have the second type of Sunflower (SF II) as the first is not available any more here in The Netherlands.
Its a good product. I like it.
Money well spent.
Can you guys verify what it is you are talking about?

I think I know, and have been very curious about it.
Is this it?

Nail Dust Collectors / Remover from BAU USA

I haven't been able to find many that use it for a good opinion. :)
yes thats the one. Here in holland we only have the big one. And its big:lol: But i have seen it at work and its on my list for up comming year.

I was loving my Sunflower 2. It' still big but it's not as huge as the other one. I think I need to give it a really good cleaning because it's been shorting out. First my drill, then the price of my gel is going up $12 a jar, now my Sunflower being wacky... Is someone trying to tell me something??!!
Could anyone tell me the difference between the sunflower and fuminator (by Edsyn´s)
I have them on all staions in my salon for about a year now, I deffinatly recomand it.
does any one have a picture of the sunflower 2? In holland we only got the big one and now i am very curious about the other one.

yes this is the same size as we have here.

this is the smaller one that goes on the desk :)
Then i want to know how the big one looks like:eek::lol:

I think the Sunflower 1 was the earlier version of Sunflower 2.
I have seen the SF1, it was all in black but was about the same size as SF2.

Also, I have worked with the Sunflower this week is absolutely fab! Can't remember what is was like without it!
I was told that they had some of the older/bulkier models for sale.
Lower priced, but that was a while ago.
I use the new version.
[email protected]
Hi. I´m new here and as i´m looking for a new nail dust machine i´ve been reading about the sunflower and it´s sound better than the ones we can find here in Germany. I´ve also read that a few girl have it in the Neatherlands.
Could you tell me where you bought it?
The Neatherlands is not that far away from me so I could have a look LIVE at it.
Thanks, Anabela

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