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Jun 26, 2003
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Reading, Berks
Hello all. Please can someone point me in the right direction of where to get cheap, but nice gifts for putting in my nail art/ manicure party bags?
I've searched the net with not much luck! I'm fed up now and wondered what the rest of you did!!
After all if you need to know something where better to come than this site aye!
Thanx in advance if you can help
Ali b;-)
Nobody's answered you alib, so I've pushed you back up!!

You can often pick things up at the Trade shows (not much use at the moment I know :? ).

Other than that I can't really help you, however, now that you are back on top, maybe someone else will ;)

aboput this...
basically i put in my nail art bags for kids small mini polish (got those from toy shop 3x ploish with little rings for 1.99) key ring files and some sweets.

Key ring files have ben harder and harder to find so i got from nail order the tub of pink nail files mini ones at £41.95 but i think it works out at 30p each. i also happended to be in accessorise and they were selling a load of their mini polishes shaped like flowers/hearts etc but very nice got them for about 43p each so look around... superdrug etc normally at crimbo time do long packs of ploishs... get those to split up. sweets - i just grab the packs of multi ones ie smartie boxes etc.,
good luck
Thanx Adele for pushing me back up!! I must admit I was getting a bit lonely feeling hoho!
Thanx to Hand Sanctuary too, you've given me some good ideas. I never venture in to town normally so I miss out on all these little lovely's that are obviously about. I shall have a damn good excuse to go shopping now!!
By the way what are the mini files like from Nailorder? I have seen those but didn't know if they were kind of funky enough for the kids!
Thanx again you two
Allison ;-)
they are ok... i got the pink ones for two reasons... girly colour and very very fine abrasive... almost a buffer so kids cant ruin their nails on them....

they are not as cool as the keyring ones with funky pics on but cant find them anywhere.

claires had some funky files but full size ones at 99p but for one they wont fit in my bags and for two as i make no real money on the parties after time/bags/contents/products i wanna keep costs as low as poss.

i know other suppliers do normal size funky files but as i say its fitting them in the bags.
good luck
ps i seardched and searched the internet for a mini or kids nail polish contacted loads of people found one type but they never got back to me.. good luck
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