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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi, where do you all get your stuff from. I end up finding a couple of things from one company and a couple from another and i want to find a really good supplier where i can get everything from in one go... i use lcn, ellisons,nailorder,nsi,beautyexpress all by mail order and i have a local (next largest town away) salon services but they only stock two product ranges and its very limited. I know i've covered most of the nail suppliers but maybe there is one out there i haven't found yet..

lol - sorry but after finding out what that meant a week or so ago i haven't had chance to use it!! sad i know..... :oops:
it sounds like you are using various companies and products and so having to go direct to them to buy your supplies. Ellisons has an excellent reputation and has a wide variety of products available. Places like Sallys and Salon Services provide 'loads' of goodies but are priced relatively cheap as they buy in such huge bulk!! Cheap is not always good as we know. We are wholesales ourselves and have 8 One Stop Nail Shops around the UK - we supply mainly Creative Nail Design but also have the Fabric system, Designer Nails Boutique range and salon consumables. If you wanted to check out a catalogue call 0113 275 5719. ;)
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