Swapping Acrylic to Gel.


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Jun 11, 2007
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A client who has Acrylic on at the moment would like to try Gel. I have not had any experience in doing Gel on clients as I have only been practising on myself and they look quite good if I do say so myself! Having not had any experience, would I be right in prepping, then filing the acrylic nail to reduce some thickness, then doing the rebalance in Gel? Any help/advice would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you
MLNails :rolleyes:
Yes, that would work, but you do need to be aware that there might be a colour variation.
On my experience gel doesn't adhere strongly enough on l&p. The other way round it works; I've only tried with Creative l&p and Brisa, though.
If a client of mine wanted her nails rebalanced with gel over l&p, I wouldn't give any guarantee (I normally give one week's guarantee for breakages caused by the product or my work). And before doing it I would firmly recommend a removal of the l&p:s and a brand new set of gels, which naturally takes a little more time and costs more too but gives a surely and securely strong set of gel enhancements.
I have had many clients come to me, former clients of NSS and discount shops..
All sporting acrylic.

And I rebalanced them with UV gel. Never any problems. It stuck just fine.

I especially prefer to do it that way, IN CASE it's MMA or there's major damage... that way I avoid a 2hr removal, and avoid exposing damaged nail plate and leave sleeping dogs lie. If their nail plates are that damaged, exposing it exposes the client to discomfort.
I only attempt to remove it if there appears to be an infection or lots of lift.

I guess it depends on the brand of uv gel? I've used 3 to date, and filled over many sets of L&P, and no problems yet.
My current gel of choice is EZ Flow.

Hope this helps.

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