Swarovski crystal mani/pedi


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Jul 1, 2007
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I've been wanting to do these for a while now and reading all the threads, what crystals are best etc. Well, I now have two different sizes, ss5 for fingernails and ss7 for toenails. I have a set of size 9 on my toes that I did to see how many crystals I used and to try and calculate a price but I've decided these are just too big so settled on the 7's. I'm having a complete brain block regarding pricing etc. I don't want to remove all the crystals on my toes and re-do with the 7's as I don't want to waste any more crystals (and money). I also want to price up french crystal tips and just one finger on each hand and just big toes.

Can I ask you geeks that do the crystal pedi/mani's what size crystals you use and how much you charge please? How have you come to your prices and are people prepared to pay? (I'm actually thinking of charging around £60 a full set). I have a lot of interest on my facebook page and I think people are going to be a bit shocked when I tell them how much!!!