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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Wow. What a fantastic place Ireland is.

I was reminiscing about my first big show I worked about 7 years ago in Chicago with Jan Arnold.
We were having dinner the night before and she had asked me "If you were to go one place in the world on an international assignment... and only one place... where would you go?".
Mind you... at this point I (like most of my fellow Americans) had never even owned a passport.
I replied "For how I envision its beauty, hospitality, and melody of all it's people... I would easily say Ireland."

Whilst I have enjoyed pooploads of international travelling, I never once made it to my goal of Ireland until this past weekend.
Man have I been missing out. It is truly a beautiful land with beautiful people that I cant wait to get back and see.

Mrs. Geek and I have just returned and we are shattered :trashed:
I have quickly breezed through the pages of new topics and posts that have been made over the weekend and I hope to get to through the rest of them by tomorrow.


As most know, the airing on watchdog regarding MMA salons has been postponed. Helen (the segment director) kindly left a voicemail for me yesterday to let me know that it is actually scheduled for next week and that she apologises for the wait, but these things can't be helped.
Good news for me as that means I shall be able to watch it :D
so your back with us grand master and not forgetting mrs geek it sounds like you have had a good time it wont belong before your wittiness is back then :D
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