Taking my first steps to open my own spa&salon


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Society Girl

Sep 16, 2010
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I'm working towards opening my own spa that offers salon treatments as well. I'm interested to know how many spa owners offer salon treatments (or vice versa?). My target market will consist of middle-class women and teens who want to be pampered in an upmarket setting at an affordable price.

At the moment I'm still in the market research phase of my goal (while I build up some capital, clientele and experience) and I'm not sure how well these two sides of the industry work together?

Q1?:Are clients happy to receive facials, massages or other relaxing treatments, while others clients are having their hair blow-dried?

I have found the perfect site, it's a 151m2 retail space that's been vacant for the past two years because the rent is too steep, so I'm hoping it'll still be available when I'm finally ready to open my business. To cover the running costs, rent, utilities, a profit and the cleaning lady, I thought that I would rent out hair stations and treatment rooms to other cosmetologists and hairdressers?

Q2?: Is this a sustainable option?

I would love advice from other professionals about starting my business:)
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