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pink coconut

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Jul 20, 2014
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Hi girlies x ive been tanning 4 years now, and changed from siennas t200 to nouvatans ts20. I use Nouvatan which I ❤ ! But I never seem to get that crisp edge that I see on loads of the pics once the undies are moved, and in some cases I can see lines where ive sprayed? I have my dial on 20 to o'clock if that makes sense!, and generally use 50ml ...any suggestions? X
All the things you listed above are about the guide colour when spraying but you don't tell us how the tan looks when it's developed & washed off.
Is the tan even and a good colour when washed off?
Hi Baggybear, yeah I realise its only the guide, but just wanted to check that my dial was correct, ive only ever applied. One coat as wasted solution else, but realise some mist over maybe thats how looks crisper? The tans are good, just been bugging me
I think it depends if the underwear is tight on the client rather than your gun settings (when you are using 50ml for a 1 spray tan your gun is set correctly for a beginner), if the underwear is loose then the air will blow solution under and make the lines less defined.
I suppose it also depends if you spray to the waist then from the waist down (meaning the underwear is a stop & start area so getting more solution applied but if you stop short of the underwear for a fade effect (as some training teaches) then you wouldn't get as crisp lines.
I asked how the tans turn out because you said you could see lines where you have sprayed, if the tan is turning out fine then the lines you are seeing are probably just caused by you spraying slower & faster (slower lines will leave more solution on the client so would be visible against a quicker line if you know what I mean but as long as the tan is fine after washing off it means you are covering the whole body so don't worry about it).
Thanks baggybear, out of curiosity I dont consider myself a beginner, so what ml do you use per client, I thought 50ml was corrrect? Down to quickness I'm thinking yeah?
Its the thongs. When I wear my size underwear, perfect tan lines..the disposables are quite loose on me so the gun blows the elastic away. You can tie a little knot in the side or back on a smaller lady.

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