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Apr 27, 2004
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hi is anyone doing the sloglo tanning training with united beauty they r doin one in romford on the 27th of august???? may be doin it in chemlsford now as its closer they will be getting new dates in a few weeks xx
That sounds like the one kellyc has just done in Chelmsford and it only lasted an hour, how can you learn the art of airbrushing anything that quickly. Its quite scary really

I'm hoping to do the one on 14th of September in Dundee (I missed the one back in June for Aberdeen - no luck) but United Beauty told me the course runs from 10 till 1. Hope it does as I'll be really disappointed, driving for an hour each way just to practically about turn again.

Good luck anyway.

Yep that is the one i did and 10 - 1 was exactly what they told me however i got there eventually after taking an hour to find it constantly ringing the number to get directions to which no response and i turned up at about 10.45 and was out of there at about 11.45, i was absolutely gobsmacked!!! All it consisted off was a sales talk in buying their kit which is £695 plus VAT!!!!!!!!!!!! What a shocker and then my model stood there whilst the trainer sprayed all her front and then i did her back and that was it we had a little talk on how to set up the nozzle at an angle to get the even coverage. The Solglo colour itself was quite nice even though my model has said its gone a bit orangey looking but she is happy with it and had some positive comments but as for the training im afraid not recommended at all - however it only cost £29 for the course so i guess i couldnt expect miracles lol! You get what you pay for x x x
hi do u get a certificate , when you have done your intensive 1 hour training :lol: , coz at least if u get a certificate you are covered for insurance purposes
when i phoned they said you did xx
dee said:
hi do u get a certificate , when you have done your intensive 1 hour training :lol: , coz at least if u get a certificate you are covered for insurance purposes
Mmmmmm not sure about that either, we all make sure we`re covered but they don`t ask for our certificates do they?
I bet if we tried to claim it`d be a different matter
hi ,i think its pants too but what else is there , i dont think they do 12 week courses in airbrushing, i have only seen short ones, its rubbish there should be more longer courses available but there isnt, i suppose we all have to hope we never have to claim :D ,
your right dee i have my vtct in tanning,spray tanning courses only last a few hours so that must be enough training xx have u tried a private college near you ???
there isnt any near me , i had to come to essex for my training, but you gotta go where the courses are !!
oh thats terrible brentwood academy r doing airbrush courses for half aday as well bit of along way to travel lol
id try out the sloglo one if i was you xx
yep i probably will as they do it at the wholesalers :D

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