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Lisa nails & beauty

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Feb 5, 2016
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Hi, I'm looking for a new spray tanning solution that's really good but reasonably priced. Can anyone give any suggestions?
Suntana or LA Tan
I use LA tan and St tropez so I have a cheaper and a more expensive tan for clients to choose from. I love LA tan, no smell, no mess and great fade off. I go through 3 times as much as I do St Tropez xxx
I also am a massive fan of LA tanning, it's the only solution I use and again, I love the fade off and the fact that it's not a smelly tan xx
Sorry for jumping in, but do any of the tanning brands do 0% DHA as I've a few ladies who are desperate for a tan but are allergic to the developer... Really need your help ladies and gents... Thanks in advance xx

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