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Dizzy geek
Apr 21, 2003
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Hello All Again!!!

This site is fab i am learning so much, going back and forth through all the discuccions!!

I was wondering i know that i need to get lots of experince first at being a nail technician, but can anyone give me any information on how you can get into the teaching of nails and all that comes with it!!As i think that is eventually what would like to do it must be very rewarding.

Many thanks,

Lou xxx :o
well I'll be honest here - although very rewarding, it is a long haul to become a Creative Educational Ambassador! 5 years hands-on experience, Master Tech, D32/33, preferably recommended by a sub who needs help within their area OR, a need for an Ambassador in that the area. It is certainly something to work toward and our Educational Ambassadors are very proud, to be!!! We have 42 in the UK alone - worldwide, I'm not sure but it's a lot. The Nail Geek would tell you that you need to have an awsome positive attitude, be the BEST nail technician, know your CND products + F&b's inside out and be a wonderful patient teacher PLUS be humble!! Give you some idea :?: :?:

Let me know if I can help more :study: :thumbsup:
Thankyou for the information! I am nery proud of my work so far and i throughly enjoy what i am doing i hope to make a fantastic career from it!
from reading through the recent discussions, you sound like you have a lot of very useful information to share! I hope to do the nail industry proud and put my mark on it!!! I am only just starting off but cant wait to make ut big and i will make it!!!
Thankyou once again,
Lou xxx :o
seeing your name in lights Lou!!! 8)
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