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Nov 12, 2007
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Allerton Rd. Liverpool
Hi does anybody have a good template for a salon contract for the employees?
I have recently taken over a salon, 7 staff. 4 part time, 1 full time and 2 juniors. I am having a problem with one of them that has been there 16yrs. She only works one full day on Wed and 9 to 3 on Sat. She wont put herself out and she will put in false 2.30 appt on a saturday so she can go early. The salon is closed on a Sunday & Monday. So with Christmas it was open today, (everybody worked, flat out) and it is closed Tues, Wed & Thursday this week. The woman who works on the Wed has asked my manageress where her extra days pay was as the bank holiday falls on Wed???? I told my manageress that I was not going to pay her for the bank holiday. She works 1 & half days a week and she has worked 1 & half days this week, albeit one of the days was a different day. I am not entitled to pay holiday pay, if she wants it then she can have it from her holiday allowance. I am not happy with her attitude. She refuses to do any extra on a saturday and she will not learn how to do foils etc. She sticks with older ladies for perms etc, which is ok to a certain extent but she is not old in her 30's and she will not put herself out in any way but expects me to as a new employer........
I have always been fair and rewarded people for their work but I am at a loss with what to do with this lady. I think she is going to be trouble. Plus I dont see why I have a very good younger lady who is excellent at foils but not long on the floor and she cant charge as much as this other lady for blow dry etc. Any advice would be gratefully received.
Dawn. ps Happy Christmas:)
Personally, if someone is a good worker etc, then I would pay them the boxing day pay as a thank you.
But its a 2 way street and this lady seems to have a problem with you being her boss, or maybe its the fact that she's been there 16 years........
Anyway as a part time worker who is doing less then 20 hours a week I think you will find she's not entitled to bank holiday pay and morally she has had the opportunity to work all of her hours this week all be it on different days.To answer your original question, I have one of those books for dummy's in fact I have 2 one is letters for dummy's which has standard letters for anything and everything and the other is forms. Contracts, short, long and perm. and all sorts of other stuff. I bought these about 10 years ago, so I'm fairly sure that you should find what you are after from a google search.
Hi Susi, thanks for your reply. I have paid my manageress for the bank holiday as she works flat out and is a gem. Its just this other lady sprouting her rights at me. So I am doing it by the book with her. I have been on the government website for employers and it quite clearly states how many days holiday part time workers are allowed, bank holidays do not have to be paid and or you can take them out of holiday days. It is not the start I was hoping for, but i have to say all the others are great. I just hopes she starts seeing sense and stops being negative. It is obvious she is a lazy bones though.

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