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Jun 25, 2004
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Hastings, East Sussex
Hi all.

Thanks for your advice on my recent post about some clients going to NSS salons because they are "cheaper and can be done quicker".

I have decided to do a special offer for July (discounted full sets) just to get new clients in and will charge the same amount for infills. and then see how it goes.

It does make me slightly angry to think of all the education us techs get and all the money we have spent out on good quality products and education, only to be undercut by these discount salons.

I will not let it get me down. I even got to the point last week of thinking "shall I go back to my previous employment as a secretary" and then very quickly decided to be positive and look for ways around this dilemma.

I have been wearing on myself permanent french acrylic toenail overlays and have been getting a lot of comments on them and three new clients for these last week and have been doing a lot of pedicures.

Also had a trial demonstration of Crystal Clear Oxygen Facial System last week and am contemplating branching out into doing that maybe, do any of you have any experience or knowledge of this system.

My passion is nails, but I guess in these times maybe it is a good idea to diversify for a while. I am doing nails, waxing, maybe this crystal clear, soon I will be able to call myself a Beautician lol!

Any views welcome and appreciated.

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