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May 8, 2012
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Hi I'm really new to enhancements but I trained with The Edge uv gel system and I was wondering if anyone uses it on clients and what feedback you get from it?
Thank you in advance :)
I trained with them aswel my advice would be get yourself on another course of a better known brand! The edge training i had was very basic and after using the products on myself and a few friends i dont rate them. Have a search on here about gel nails etc theres hundreds of threads on it and it will help you to choose the best brand for yourself and your clients x
Hi there, I'm an educator in Cardiff and for some of the courses I do for a cash and carry I have to use the edge products. I have to be honest I hate them and I would say they are training product.

However I wouldn't say you need to go on another course?! I know some people will have strong opinions on this but I am a creative trained technician and I like to think that I educate my students well and I am always up front with them and advise them on products to advance on to once they gain some confidence. Just because I train using the edge products I don't think this reflect of my competence at all.

Some students cannot afford high end products straight away which is why I train using the edge system. However I would say 95% of my students convert to NSI by the end of my courses.

Gel's that I have used are IBD, Brisa and NSI and I still an NSI geek :)

Hope that helps xx
Sorry i dnt mean go on another course as in a full course like a conversion course or something similar in a chosen product as i think if ur going to offer the treatment you should hold their certificate. Sorry didnt mean to offend anybody!! X
Oh god no I didn't mean it like that!! Haha sorry!! I agree a conversion course is a great answer to anyone wanting to use a new product xx
We used the edge when I trained at college lol it's awful there are so much better products out there x
I'm currently training with The Edge right now. I don't like it at all, but it's cheap and it's helping me to practice. I need to search the board to see which gels will be a better investment. Thanks for posting your question :)

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