The headache of insurance!


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Jul 25, 2013
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I want to have a rant about insurance!

I have contacted about six companies today - the situation is:

I'm a level 2 beauty student and will therefore want to do case studies outside of college on friends, families and public (at a nominal fee). I will only be carrying out treatments that I have been taught and, deemed competent by my tutors/college.

I will also be undertaking enrichment courses such as spray tanning which means I will be fully qualified in those areas.

A number of the companies have said that I will have to purchase 2 policies: one for my full certified courses and one to cover my student elements. One company said I would not need 2 policies but they don't cover students to undertake waxing or tinting treatments - the risk is too high.

One company said that their student policies do not cover students carrying out treatments outside of the college as they need to have supervision!! I tried to explain that their website did not say that and I would not need a individual student policy in college as I'm covered by their policy!

I thought these companies specialise in beauty insurance - really!!

Fortunately, I have found a company that totally understands - I only need one policy and they understand the need for case studies - I will be going with that company. I just wanted student salongeeks to understand the minefield of insurance. :rolleyes:
What company did you go with in the end? Am looking for student insurance myself.
Does the college insurance not cover case studies? It's part of your assessment process so you should be covered via college?
Yes I think I am covered while in college and doing assessments but not while practicing on people at other times.
I'm going to get full membership with BABTAC - the lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable.

I might as well get the full membership as I will be completing my spray tan course next month.

Chrysalis - we are only covered at college by their insurance :(
You have been very sensible doing your research and not taking anything for granted. It is important to know where you stand exactly with insurance as it is too late when things go wrong.

I am pleased you have found a company that will insure you for everything you need insurance for :wink2:

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