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Feb 20, 2004
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Jersey Channel Islands
Hi guys

Just wanted to say that I also opened my salon on Saturday. We had a very sucessful champagne reception on the Friday night and caused quite a stir with the passers by.

Unfortunately my only booked appointment on Saturday morning was a no show. God did I start to panic that it was an omen or something. Anyway on I plodded and suddenly at 11am, that was it, everyone and her dog were in booking appointments etc. I was fully booked for the rest of the day and didnt finish till 730pm. What a fab day. Sold loads of product too.

Taking the day off today. Must do my nails really, they are still knackered from all the painting and laying wood flooring. So busy I never got a chance to even look at them.

Best of luck to Pinkshell too, how cool is that, we both open on the same day.

Best wishes and funky fingernails
Well Done Gina - Good Luck with the new business - nevermind about the no show, it was her loss!!

We need to see some pictures of the Nail Lounge.......
We know how exciting it must be for you - the first step is the hardest and you have done that!

Congrats on the opening of your salon. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully - and yes, WE WANT PICS! :biggrin:
Fantastic News! ...
I'm so excited for you and Pinkshell nails.
This is all great stuff but, like the other girls ... I wanna see pics as soon as you get the chance, lol!
Hi guys

Thanks for your encouragement, we have been lucky to be featured in the trade mags either next month or month after, so there will be pictures then, however, I shall endevour to try and get them on to the site for you all. I must admit I am soooooo happy with our end result, we did all the work our selves, well actually it was mostly my boyfriend. So yeah we are dead happy with it. Like I say, I shall try and get them on the site for you, however I am a complete tech no phobe.

Take it easy girls
Well Done on such a good first day! Bet you were dead chuffed!

Hope things get busier and busier for you !
I'm so glad all went well Gina...Keep up the good work chick....:biggrin:
congrats to u both opening up and all the best :biggrin: ...always lovely to see these posts :biggrin:
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