This is what Christmas is all about


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well I must have been a good girl.................
After a sad time this year............
All I wished for was a good Christmas, but I got a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!
Good Food
Good Friends
lots of huggs and cuddles

After spending Christmas eve with Faye, peanut, snoopy and Steve,
Richard and I spend a few days up north with my best friends, Dawnie and Caroline and gang!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a geeky Christmas, food, drink, great company and even managed to do some nails..................A lot of chillin was done and this was the best Christmas ever.....................
Thanks to Caroline, Kieran, Dawnie, Tony,Gem and Dave it was a Christmas in the true spirit of things.................Friendship and laughter and a warm feeling that you only get when you spend it with the people you love most....................
So guys how was yours??????
lots of love
Although i have been really ill over the last couple of weeks seeing my bestest mates on boxing day really made my christmas

Dawnie and Ruth you are 2 of the most special people to me i love you both loads and i know kieran does too you made our christmas one to remember thank you both so much

Now ruth you just got to get us to this competition babe lol
How lovely to hear that you had a great christmas together :D
Bet you werent drunk hey Ruth. Lol
Sawasdee ka

The best thing for xmas me was to go in chat room last nite and speak to all the ladys many and speak to my teachers geeg and ruth .

I have enjoy too much .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Looks like u had a lot of fun, ey? Watch out the next time you're here. Then we will have our walk to the irish pub I told you about. ;) *luv u*

But you're right: that's what christmas is about.
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