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Feb 5, 2016
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Can anyone tel me what tip blender is like please
Hi there , most companies do make a tip blender it is a liquid which is brushed on the join as this wil help soften the plastic tip and make blending easier.
Personally I don't think it is necessary , the more advanced you become you won't need to use this anymore.
To practice use some acetone on a cotton bud and go along the well of the tip do not put to much on. You will find if you practice you will not use it. What tips are you using. I find pro impressions are good and they dont take long to blend and you dont need a tip blender. Just remember you dont need to buy thick looking tips cause acrylic is stronger than tips.
I'm useing the edge well less tips no blending tips so you put the acetone on after you have put the tip on the client
Tip blender is not recommended. Here is a cut and paste from our beloved GiGi :
Tip blender is a real big no no in my opinion. More damage is done when you use it because you are not blending the tip you are melting it and making it soft and gooey and the natural nail is more vulnerable to damage, plus it takes longer. Short cuts make LONG delays.

Velocity tips from CND are the easiest and farthest tips to blend and that contact area just disappears. They cost a little more but the time saved makes it worth it.

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