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Apr 5, 2003
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Hi all,

I'd just like to ask when you're using tips, at what stage do you cut them to length? I was taught to cut them after application of the acrylic, but I feel uncomfortable doing that and always cut before applying product.

Just curious about what eveyone else does!

I always cut my length down after i have applied the tip before blending the tip, only because if you apply the product is it not harder to cut down and also you will waste product!

Thats just my opinion! Hope its of any help!

Lou xxx :D

I cut down after tip application and before blending, maybe its me but if you cut after apllying the acrylic, isnt that a waste of product and your hard work :?:
My thoughts exactly Bumbula! Can't imagine who would teach someone to put overlay on before cutting correct length of tips :rolleyes: - what an absolutely waste of time, money and energy :( :( :(
Never heard of cutting the tip once L&P has been applied :shock:
As been said previous would be a waste of product and I would have thought that it would prob crack the acrylic as well as weaken it (mind boggles) lol
Take care Dawnie

The only place I have seen this done is NSI - they apply the tip - blend in then apply product to where it is needed then it is cut once the nail zone 1 is done. Their reasoning in this I think is that why file and shape more than once. Dont see the point myself.
Always cut and refine your tip before your application.
Otherwise you will end up cutting through product as well... that means the product on your free edge will have a tendency to shatter (from the force of the tip cutting)

Remember tip cutters cut tips... but they shatter product.

Hope this helps!
Yes, sorry, I didn't explain clearly enough. I meant as Fiona explained it -applying product to the area of tip which will be used to form the free edge, and then cutting away the remaining surplus portion.

I didn't do that before attending an NSI course and didn't do it afterwards either, the reason being that I felt the action of the cutters could easily compromise the integrity of the product. From what you said Sam, it sounds as though my thoughts about it were justified then. Thanks for your confirmation.

I had nsi training and wasn`t taught that way, I was taught to apply tip, cut to length, blend and apply overlay. This is strange to be shown differently, I thought they would have the same training across the board.
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