Toiletries are 'polluting waters'


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Mar 24, 2010
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New research insists that non-green beauty products are behind a growing contamination of our water systems.

It outlines that chemically-laden toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel and even toothpaste, which are washed into the water system, have potentially serious consequences to the health of the environment.

Essentially Yours a British manufacturer of 100% non-harmful toiletries has compared the annual 1.6b tons of petro chemicals flowing into UK drains from toiletries to the disastrous situation in the Gulf of Mexico following BP's oil leak.

Their statement is backed up by Scottish Water, which claims that by switching to organic, eco-friendly products less damage will be caused to nature's seas, lochs and rivers.

In the US some organisations are keen to highlight the ignorance surrounding this issue. WaterSense, an environmental protection agency programme, found a widespread lack of awareness among people, even among those most concerned about environmental issues. It says one third were unclear about what happens to water after it reaches the drain.


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Im all for green and eco as I have an organic and natural shop, it doesnt mention who did the study and under what conditions etc, what type of research was it - is scientific evidence behind it?

I personally would like to know - any more info or the whole report link please


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