Toning down full head bleach


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Nov 13, 2013
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Isle of bute, Scotland
I've been doing my friends hair for the last year. She was a full head bleach and used blondor powder 6% then Wella cf 0/6 to tone to keep nice clean colour. She's been growing her hair longer (was a grad bob) now below shoulders. Natural base is about a 5/0 with about 25% white. I've been trying to tone it down to a nice base 9, not to warm as she hates anything too golden. I've been using 12/11 12% on roots, then been doing foils of blondor pastel and 7/17 6% then using a 9/01 CT 1.9% to tone down on rest of hair. It's beautiful when first been done but after a few washes she is finding it fading to quite gold. Any suggestions please? Much appreciated, please don't be mean to me ;)
Suggest she use a purple shampoo once or twice a week?
Also have you tried toning with something else? Maybe something like 10/18 or even 9/16?

I just noticed you said you used ct. I would try the koleston with pastel toner x
She uses violet shampoo regularly, I might try the 9/16, but will koleston and pastel not fade faster than CT as the ends are quite porous? Thanks x
It could be because you are using a natural (9/01) that it is throwing up the warmth as the naturals all have a slight natural warmth to them. Try using a different toner in the colour touch like the 9/16 x

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