Torch light on head

Hi for waxing I need more light and was wondering if anyone has those glasses with lights on them or just a torch I can put around the head?



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Your client might look a little bewildered at a torch on your head!
The glasses with light are for consistent close up work such as electrolysis so I think you might find it difficult focusing on the client and then back to the wax pot every minute.

Perhaps investigate ways of improving the overall lighting in your room or have a mag lamp on a pedestal or trolley that you can place appropriate to the area you are working on?

Magnifying lamps are great for waxing: good light , flexible & magnification if your struggling to see hair growth. X

I have moved into another room and it’s too small for a lamp but I’m thinking of put extra spotlights in the ceiling! I do get how the torch light can be a bit too much for clients to see!!