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May 17, 2010
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As i am quite new, money is a bit tight, im covering costs but nothing much else tbh. Im wanting to train in spray tanning, minx and semi-permenant lashes. Theres just one teeny tiny problem....MONEY!! Does anybody have any ideas on how to get some or if anyone would like to invest :) i cant get loans/credit cards. And already tried princes trust. No luck...HELP!!

M x
Hi Michelle, I'm having the same problem, as my husband works full time I am unable to claim for any help but I contacted the Career Development Loans[CDL] & their sending out info & application forms. The loans,as far as I'm aware,are from either Barclays or Co-Op bank[your choice] & can cover the cost of courses,kit,travel. You have to do the groundwork finding suitable courses & the provider should have a registration code from the CDL.Hope this helps, I have been going in circles to get funding & still trying to decide what course to do, Beauty/Makeup/Colour or Crystal Therapy or do a refresher in Nails.
Hi Ladies,

Have you been intouch with your local chamber of commerce? I got intouch with st helens chamber and they send someone out who will help you get whats available.
For me there was the option to pay 40% and get 60% paid for me but they will go through it all with you.

Good luck xx
Business Link will offer you funding, generally 40 or 50%.
But be warned you will have to fill a few forms in and justify why you want to go on the courses.
Hi I have just joined the Business Link website. Any idea on where to go to get started on getting funding?! Thanks

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