Training in eyelash extensions, is it worth it?


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Mar 20, 2016
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Hello, I just began a training course for a new eyelash extension salon that has just opened up and at first I was excited and figured I would get the technique down and that it wouldn't be too hard to learn. But boy was I mistaken. I know it has only been 3 days so far, but it has been the most frustrating thing I have ever had to learn in my entire esthetics career so far. Every day I go into training with a positive attitude, and when I leave I just am wondering if I will ever get it down and if it is even worth it. I am having a lot of trouble isolating the lash, and when I go to pick up the extension, the lash that i am isolating has somehow disappeared or other lashes have clumped on to it, if that makes sense. I am isolating the lash with my left hand and have the tweezers in my right hand (I am right hand dominant) and picking up the extension at a 1:00 angle and pulling the extension off towards me. I find this very frustrating and at times when i'm getting frustrated while doing the lashing, I just want to throw in the towel and just accept that lashing just isn't for me. In your honest opinion, is lashing even worth it? The time, money, frustration, etc? Can you make good money as well? ALSO, after I'm done with training, they want me to sign a contract saying I will be working with them for at least 9 months. If I quit(or also get fired, i'm not sure) before that 9 months they will take $1,000 something out of my paycheck. Does that mean that i'm guaranteed to be making that kind of money if they are saying that and making me sign a contract? Should I even work for a company that is making me sign a contract like that? I've personally never signed a contract like this before so I'm very skeptical about signing it right now. All opinions on this matter are greatly appreciated!

ALSO, i'm having trouble figuring out where to put the extension on the individual lash, is it more on top or to the side?

NOTE- They are offering this training for free, so that is probably what the contract is about. The training is through XTreme Lashes.

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I am concerned on two counts. One, is that you're asking questions that really should be covered in training but they're obviously not. Which begs the question as to what sort of training you are actually doing. Secondly, is the contract they're trying to make you sign. No, I wouldn't sign it. It's basically a form of indenture and as Australia's laws are very similar to Britain's, I'd say it's illegal for them to attempt to recoup the costs of your training via your pay cheque. My first focus would be to get the trainer to go over technique with you again
I actually live in the United States, so I'm not sure if the laws would be the same as Australia or Britain. I will have to look into that. I also have a dummy head I can keep practicing on. But I have been practicing with fake eyelashes on the dummy head which idk really helps since natural, human eyelashes are a lot different then strip, fake ones.
You will completely get it!
Don't give up, it's hard at first the more you practise the better you will become.
here are a few tricks that I have learnt over the years...
-stick the lash strips to either the back of your hand/finger which ever is easiest to pick up from, it saves time and it's a lot easier to keep the lash where it should be. Bella lash sell "lash pods" which are brilliant!
-use both sets of tweezers to separate the lashes and don't stress, if you can't get the lash you're on isolated then move on :)

Practicing on a proper person with proper eyelashes will be a lot better for you to learn. Get a few of your friends or family that are willing to let you take your time and do a few sets on.
Also the lash sits on top on the lash, as close as possible to the lash line but without touching the skin.

The course you're on doesn't sound brilliant, they should be giving you all this info, :( don't sign any contracts! That does not sound good at all.

But don't give up you will get the hang of it! It is totally worth it X
sorry to intrude on this thread but just to say I've recently trained with flirties. I completed my first case study yesterday and at first I even said to my friend who I was applying the lashes to that I can't do it. it's very intense and requires patience and a steady hand. she told me to calm down and I kept on going! 3 hours later I finished and she was over the moon with the results! I don't think I've ever been so proud of myself! I think I had a tear in my eye! [emoji4] I emailed my trainer the before and after pictures and she was really happy with my work. esti_laura93 just keep on going, I believe it will get easier the more you do it. I didn't realise how hard it would be also! good luck [emoji106]
I have recently trained and i was experiencing the same impatience as you. Then while i was in the middle of doing a full set using a new lash brand new quick dry glue and new tweezers it just clicked and it felt so natural like i had been doing it ages. if you are using angled tweezers maybe try using 2 sets of straight tweezers this has really helped me and another point i was taught on my training is to make sure you have the lash you want to attach in the tweezers while you search for the lash to isolate with the other tweezers this means when you isolate the desired lash you can just apply glue and lay the lash on top.

Hope this helps! X
I have purchased some new tweezers much better than the ones provided in my kit. so anything g to quicken the process up will be beneficial as 3 hours is a killer. thanks for your advice! I might have a look at some different glue! can I ask how long it takes u to apply a full set? x
Keep at it , it will come to you . I was the same when I first trained 8 years ago , they are my main thing now and I love doing them .
Maybe try using X type tweezer in your pick up hand as you don't need to over think holding it to hold the lash . It worked for me it is very much trial and error with a few different techniques .
Also definitely practice on friends natural lashes are much more eyelash friendly then strip lashes .

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