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Aug 8, 2010
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west mids
i have would love to train to teach hairdressing but i have no idea how to go about it. i currently have my nvq level 2 an 3 an have been hairdressing for nearly 8 yrs.
i would be very thankfull for any advice thrown my way
Do you want to teach for a private provider or and FE college?

Private providers are more flexible and can be better payers, but with FE colleges you get the long breaks.

Private providers can determine their own qualification requirements but FE colleges are strict in requiring the DTTLS qualification within 2 years of starting (now a government requirement). You would also eventually need to do your assessor award and then your verifier award.

A good starting point would be to get your CV in to the HR departments of all local colleges. It's likely that they're short staffed and would ask you to come in and see them. Do it right now - this is when they're planning timetables for September and determining if they need extra help.

Get to know the Head of department at the local colleges. They'll support you through things if they like you. You could go in and observe some classes to see what goes on and whether you like it. If there are no opportunities at the moment, don't get down get motivated, and enrol yourself on the PTTLS qualification which is a pre-cursor to the DTTLS qualification. This will tell you if you're really cut out for it.
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thanks very much xxx

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