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Sep 11, 2003
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hi all,
i want to find out what you all think to training videos to do with gel or acrylic and maybe airbrushing nail vids too, are they any good or am i just spending more money i have'nt got ? i have done courses and still feel like the day is never coming when i can say that i am a nail tech

I have several videos and I have learned bits from all of them. I have just bought the Winning Nails one from CND and it is very good from the techniques and close up side.

However if you are lacking in confidence then nothing could beat a one to one with an experienced educator to help with your problem areas.

You also need to get practice on real people - you will not get better if you dont get out there.

Get some one to one and also get some willing clients.

Good luck and keep us posted with how you are getting on.
hi fiona,
thanks for helping me i have had a one to one with ten nails and felt that she was showing me her products and that was it anyway where did you get yours from?
from dye x
Hi Dye,

I have done most of my training with Creative. I also have done a couple of one to one courses with independent educators, Heidi Godden and Vanessa Jones. What other training have you had apart from the one to one with Tennails?

Training needs to be about more than just product information. If you don't learn good techniques then what use is any product.
thats the only one to one i have had . i was going to have a one to one with e-z flow but she said if i cant master the gel then there is no point as it is harder to learn acrylic but the problem with me is i go through spells where i cant do it ill pack it in then i want to do it and it goes well .
i think if i was to do a good job i would still find fault :rolleyes:
love dye x
..... you sound just like me.. i started on a lcn course last sept... hated it brought a essential nails gel course... havent had chance to do it properly (and the airbrush) was grappeling about in the ark didnt feel good enough to be called a nail tech but trust me you will get there im still along long way off but each day and each customer.... its difficult cos you need the practice but i used to feel silly if they were coming to me having been somewhere else.. what if i did it differently.. especially with mani's then i had th misscarriage and decided i cant spend my life worrying wether someone likes my manis or not! im doing it as ive been trained so its up to them.. im still trying to build up a regular clientelle and you will see from my posts this week had a rubbish week .. i still can feel inferior especially as you sometimes have client swho go else where then come to you and now how to do it themselves!!!!!! or so they say makes you fel intimidated but you cant please everyone all the time... anyway still rubbish at gel then found this board my LIFELINE took a conversion one to one in fabric and still learning but getting better invest in a nail trainer good for practice/practice/practice.. like driving a car you dont just get behind the wheel at 17 and away you go do you... come to this site everyday look at tutorials read all the post you'll feel happier that we all have days where we feel rubbish (me more than most) but we all have the same probs and its one big learning curve... ok gonna blub now so im off but the people on this board are the best..kind helpful supportive and knowledgeable and i should know.....
hi jen,
thanks i feel theres hope for me yet. i will keep trying
love dye
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