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Apr 13, 2009
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chalfont st peter
Hi there need abit of advise. Im going on a course next week and my boss has just told me shes not going to pay for my petrol to get there and back. Its 240miles in total. I find this really unfair that i should be expected to foot the bill for a course she wants me to go on. She told me that its classed as going to and from work. I live 3 miles away from work. Shes a very difficult person at the best of times and usually a late payer. Just wondering what everyone elses policies on this are as every time I've gone on a course in previous employments travel has always been payed for by the company. Thank you x
In theory you could say to your boss that you absolutely cannot afford the travel costs and won't be able to go on the course without help for this. It is her responsibility to pay for the travel fees if she's telling you that this course is compulsory.

On the other hand if this course is of value to you in terms of personal development then it may be worth weighing up if you're happy to pay for the travel costs. I would also weigh this up against any money that I might have to pay back to the boss if I leave.

Assuming you are an employee and not self-employed, then you might be interested in form P87 and the related fact sheet which you can get from this link:

HM Revenue & Customs: Mileage expenses

If you use this form, you may be able to get tax relief on £108 (240 miles at £0.45 per mile).

It's not the same as having your expenses re-imbursed by your employer, but it might be a consolation of sorts.


Thank you i will look into it x

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