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Mar 5, 2010
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Just a quick thought....what music do you like to play in treatments?

I need some new music am bored of my usual.....
Hi welshbeauty I just play the usual relaxing calming music but I know what you mean you do get feed up of it, you start having to blank it out. Have you had any ideas yet? X
You probably know this already, but I find it useful to use CDs which have tracks timed to sections of treatment. Got mine from Salons Direct I think.
im a bit of a saddo, and just listen to the radio!! All my therapist and Hds love the environment it creates, (we're a young salon) obviously its just a bit of background noise, creates chatter and relaxation if i twizzle the nozzle to classical hehe! just a thought! Im not keen on the cds...ive gota ocean one and i swear i wana sleep...need something lively to wake me up!!
One of my collegues likes to play a bit of country and western in her treatment room for non-relaxing treatments and her clients love it!

In the main salon downstairs we just have the radio on.

I have loads of chill out stuff, my latest purchase was ministry of sound chilled acoustic and my clients like it too x

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