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Jul 1, 2014
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North East, England
Anyone know of any good websites to get tunics from?

I'm trying to use www.labeeby.co.uk be its error after error. I've had from them previously xx
There are many many suppliers of uniforms, depending on what direction you are looking for - trendy - cheap - colourful - plus size - etc. If you put 'uniform' in the search option there are quite a few threads with lots of recommendations for all the choices
I just got two lovely ones from Florence Roby. I tried to get some from inline london (i think) but they were out of stock! X
I got a nice comfy from Simon Jersey, but was looking at salonweardirect and they had lovely ones!
Diamond designs are good quality.
Still looking good after a year of washing every other day. Dry quick and no ironing [emoji3]
Order from their website or ellisons carry some designs

I'm size 16 in M&S but needed size 18 tunic with this company
Yeah diamond designs are great. I do also think that therapists depending on the style the want can also wear a nice pair of black trousers and a blouse/top that looks nice and professional
Thanks for the help, I've ordered a few from different places. Just see which I like. My new boss said that I can wear either just all black or a tunic if I wish so there room to mix it up a bit day to day. I'm thinking it all depends on what's booked in maybe? Xx