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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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OK....... you're probably going to get a laugh out of that enquiry...... lol But as you know I aim to "specialize" in Goth, alternative nail art designs. I was making a search for a "stiletto heel shoes" stencils or applique / transfers. Sort of Pinup poster art (which I feel would be very popular here in Montreal in the alternative scene)

Anyway, any insight would be welcome!

Ta taaaaaaaaa

Kat meow
there is an 'adhesive' nail art stencil you can get (i got mine from the airbrush company, but i'm pretty sure i saw the same at OSNS) that is a stiletto heeled boot and stocking, one of lips and one of a bikini! They come with the three designs and about 30+ in a pack. When i say adhesive, i don't mean a transfer, they are adhesive to ensure a crisp edge when airbrushing - they are designed for airbrush use so i don't know if this is any help!
Of course!!! This is perfect!!! D

So instead of doing stencil work, I'll put on the first coat of polish the color that I want for the stiletto shoe to be, let it dry thoroughly, apply the transfer and proceed with a different darker color as a second coat, peel off the transfer, and voilà!!! A perfect stilleto shoe!!! D wink

PS Imagine a ruby stiletto slipper......... P

Bless U Tickled! Do you have a link for ordering the stickers online?

Much appreciated maaaam wink

hi there kat
i'm not sure how you're best going about this without an airbrush...i have only used with an airbrush...i have applied my base colour to nail, then applied the 'shoe' stencil and airbrushed, remove that and then apply the 'stocking' and airbrush that. I can't see any reason why you couldn't do this carefully with nail polish instead of airbrushing, maybe just have to try it out...!
the stencil is Medea Deluxe Design Mask, Femme Fatale reference NAD-175.
i ordered from www.airbrushes.com but they are based in sussex, UK so you might be better doing a search on google on the the web for this stencil.
You can use self-adhesive masking/templates with nail polish, although the more intricate designs can be a bit tricky.

If you are using polish then, as you say, make sure your base colours are completely dry. Lay your masking down, paint your second colour and remove the masking immediately - do not wait for the polish to dry on the nail as the solvents will start to make the masking deteriorate. If I remember correctly this particular maksing is a 2-part one - either use the stilleto on its own or with the very pert stockinged calf. Obviously if you use both parts you'll have to wait until each section of dry.

Alternatively using water based nail art paints - use a very very dry brush (imagine you are stencil on a wall) and stipple paint onto the nail. In this case allow paint to dry before removing the masking - a different effect but much quicker, particularly if you want to use both parts.

The Airbrush company do mail order.

Best wishes

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