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Aug 16, 2003
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Hi Everyone .... been away for a while re-charging the batteries, but getting on with things now.

Question .... Bearing in mind that a lot of my work is mobile, has anyone got ideas for uniform? I want something OBVIOUS (not something that looks like a t-shirt), smart, professional etc. etc., but keeping in mind that I am (let's say) a lady with a fuller figure :) There are lots of suppliers that sell uniforms that look great on you svelte creatures out there, but I want something that looks GOOD on a larger lady, not just a large size of something designed for a size 12.

I want it to look good if I am wandering around the local Marks & Spencers, but comfy enough to 'move' in when working.

I normally wear black trousers but wanted ideas of a supplier (or fashion tips!!) for a top or something longer if I fancy a change from trousers!

Any ideas would be really appreciated .... if they have a website or a good catalogue even better as I live in the country.

Fashion hats on girls !!

Dee xx
Hi Dee

How about a sort of smock top (if that's the correct words) sort of a long top that comes to the knee. This can be worn over trousers, skirt or in the summer as a dress. It looks smart and flatters the fuller figure.

When I was mobile I used to wear this sort of thing as it is very versatile and if you get the correct material, non crease. I got mine a while ago and from Betty Jackson! but I've seen similar things in George (ASDA). I then used to wear my silver Creative apron over the top for protection.

Keep it simple and light weight.

I don't confess to being a style diva but I hope this helps.

Hi Dee
Take a look at www.uniformcolletions.com I bought the black tunic style one. Although the modle is very slim, i bought it in a size 18 and every one comented how profesinal it looked.

Its very slimming and comfy. Washes well and never needs ironing.

Hope this helps

take care
caren :)
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