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Jun 4, 2003
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Hiya everyone,

I need to buy a new UV lamp (quite urgent) old ones worn out. Have been looking on the net, cant find one, obviously I am looking in the wrong places :oops: Please advise where I can buy one, don't mind ordering. If I can get one with a built in timer even better :) if not any advise on where to find a 9 watt lamp will do.

Hi Cutie, I brought a really great new lamp a month ago. It was from www.salonlines.com or ring 01270 522555. Its great value 36w with timer 90 and 150 seconds only £75 plus vat. Hope this helps lesley P
Howdy Cutie!
:D I don't know if this will help or not because I don't know if they offer shipping to your area, but Nailite, Inc. has special running right now. They have their Tunnel Lamp on special for $69.99(USD). I purchased myself one today. It has 4 9-watt bulbs for a total of 36-watts. and has a built in timer with 2 different time settings. I hope this will be a good one :) . It looks just like all the other REALLY expensive Tunnel lamps. The only problem I would suspect may be with the reflective material - it's not mirrored but has the reflective foil type material inside. If worse comes to worse, I'll just keep the lamp and have a mirror cut to fit the inside :( :x UV lamps are SO expensive to purchase. As long as the electrical components last, I shouldn't have to purchase anything more than replacement bulbs! Check them out and let me know what you think and what happens!
hey cutie

I bought a new lamp a couple of months ago and it is fab i got it from karen at nails plus beauty www.nailsplusbeauty.com i had the disc light it has built in timer and costs £89.95 it really is a great lamp would recommend this one :D karen does a few lamps it's worth a look on her site ;)
Hi Cutie,
a friend just told me that Sallys are doing a special this month on the daylight tunnel lamp (4x9watt bulbs), at £49.99. :D I bought same lamp aound two months ago for £69.99 which even at that, was a good buy.
luv June.
forgot to say, it has two timers-90 and 150sec.
Luv June
Thanks for all the information on how to get my lamp, i have ordered one today from salon lines. (what would I do without this sight?)

Thanks everyone.

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