uv top coat and natural nails? any one use this?


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Oct 25, 2003
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Hi Guys

It's winter where I live now and my pedicures have dropped off substantially again due to the fact people don't like to leave in flip flops. (I work from home so it's not like they can wait in the reception area for their toes to dry). Someone suggested that I use a UV top coat and set the toes under a UV light for super quick curing. Has anyone here done this? Are there UV top coats for natural nails? I only do natural nails in my little shop so I'm new to this. Does it affect the quality of the polish or affect how long it stays on? Polish on my pedicures last weeks if not months. I'm a bit leary because I've had UV top coat on my own nails before and the polish chipped on a day. Thanks for any help you can offer.

LuLu in wintery Canada
Hi Lulu, I think I was one of the pepes that suggested UV topcoat, I have used it on natural nails for ages and have never had a problem, some of the air drying top coats like Airdry or Diamond Dry I have encountered problems with on natural nails, sometimes as it dries it 'pulls' at the polish and breaks the seal but never had a problem with the UV topcoat, I use the IBD one so not sure if any of the other ones would cause any probs. Hope this helps! Jx
I don't know for sure, but I've always heard that they didn't work for natural nails. I always use "Out the Door" top coat and spray with Creative's Quick dry spray. Always works great for me. :?
Hiya Lulu!

Sent you a PM on this with IBD info, their info on this product says it is for natural nails as well as enhancements, I find it an excellent product and works great for me, I have had problems with Out the Door on natural and overlayed nails in that it seems to create small crack lines on the surface,like it has pulled at the polish and somehow 'shattered' it! perhaps it's just me! :rolleyes: Jx
I looked for your PM, and couldn't find it! Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Just registered & still finding my way around. If possible e-mail me.....But I'll check again later. :?
Hi there

I have used IBD UV sealant for natural nails and it is really good. I have also used light seal from Cosmic, which is also very good. Pedicures last for weeks!!
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