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Jul 6, 2011
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Folkestone, Kent
Hi fellow geeks, just wanted a bit of your advice. I trained in nails 8 years ago at College and did my manicure certificate and a VTCT in nail techniques and nail art. I've always done nails part time along side my other part time office job but lately and have done further training in lash extensions and hope to do book a Tanning course in the next couple of weeks. I hope that in a yr or so to just do it full time. What I wanted to know is the VTCT the same level as an NVQ Level 2? It's just I was thinking that maybe if I do further training i would like to be a qualified trainer myself. Would I need an NVQ Level 3 to do this? If so because I've done my VTCT could I go straight on to a level 3 NVQ?
VTCT isn't a level of qualification...it is an examinations board (in the same way that City and Guilds is for example).

An NVQ is a qualification. Therefore, as an exam board, VTCT offers the NVQ qualification (as does City and Guilds).

Ultimately, you need to do NVQ2 beauty therapy to be able to do NVQ3 beauty therapy.

With a qualification in manicure and pedicure, you may be able to go straight onto an NVQ3 in nail services.

Hope that helps :)

ETA: to be a qualified trainer, you are likely to need an nvq3, industry experience and then possibly a teaching qualification such as PTLLS
It 's just the nails I would like to become a trainer in not beauty therapy. So Hopefully then it would mean just doing an NVQ3 in nails and then a teaching qualification?
Your best bet is to speak to the college, I did a city & guilds in manicured and pedicures and had to redo it for the NVQ!

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