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amy elizabeth

Apr 10, 2012
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hey peeps, dont suppose anyone knows if opi do a wall mounted varnish holder. have looked on their website but cant find anything there. or if anyone could recommend a good wall mounted display rack/holder for opi polishes that would be fab. any ideas appreciated :) thanks
Every time OPI launched a new collection, there used to be an option to buy 2 of each colour with the wall display or you could buy the wall display on its own. I can't find the wall displays on their site anymore except as a GelColor kit, but it is expensive.

It would be worth ringing Lena White and asking. Occasionally the wall displays come up on Ebay.

I have four of them in my salon but when I get round to redecorating I might get rid of them. I don't seem to sell any polish these days since introducing Gelish and Gelicure.
Hi, Lena White are definately doing a wall mounted stand. If you check on their website I have just seen it while ordering some bits xx
I'm thinking of buying this one, It says it will hold OPI. They have it in white too.

Nail polish rack (FREE STANDING OR WALL MOUNT) From the Avonstar classic range | eBay

I have this rack in white the slightly smaller one and I love it. Looks really good.
Hi peeps I have wall mounted polish stands from beauty express online, they sell stands that hold either 90 or 60 polishes, looks very eye catching with all colours in too. :)


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thanks guys. thats really helped. now its just about choosing one :) so short on space so wall mounted is so much better. :D
dont suppose anyone know if the purpex stand from beauty express that you can either have 90 or 36 polishes, priced at either 27.99 or 34.99 do you know if it holds opi polish bottles, as it doesnt say. thanks
I am having a complete Tena Lady moment about the new Shellac Racks.

Come on June - Hurry up!!!
Yes it does see my previous pics hold all polishes. Jessica, all the gels, opi, orly etc etc brill purchase go ahead you won't regret it I now have 4!!!
thanks so much. yey. finally getting my polish holder!! woohoo. :biggrin:
I want to order the new shellac one but I do gelfx as well does anyone know if they will fit on that rack too as I feel I need to match lol ;)

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