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Aug 5, 2007
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Having had twins a year ago, I have decided that my life needs a new direction and that I want to do something for me. I have decided to get involved in the Nail Industry and really can't wait! I have completed a manicure course to date and would really like to start out as a mobile manicurist.

I really have done nothing like this before and really have no idea where to start, what I need, legalities, how to advertise, prices etc.

Can anyone give me any help or advice on how to start on my new adventure!

Thanks! :lol:
Hi there, well done for completing the manicure course. I cannot give you advice as such as I am starting out myself, but basically, you need to think about advertising. Once you start getting clients, you need to contact Inland Revenue to declare yourself self-employed.
Vistaprint do some really good deals on business cards etc. I ordered 200 from them it it cost about £10 incl. VAT and delivery. Anything you buy towards your business, keep receipts - you can claim back some off the money after a year or a year and a half (not entirely sure which one).
Advertise in local newspapers and shops in your area and do leaflet drops. Offer discounts and promotions. I don't know what else really to tell you - prices vary, with you being in London I'm sure a manicure will cost more than it does over here in Yorkshire so just research - call other mobile nail technician and ask them how much they charge, cheeky, I know but you don't want to under price or over price yourself.
Hope any of this helps!!! Also, look into a manicure system to use. Will you be using the products that you learnt with? Loads of companies do conversion courses that don't cost much if you want to change products.
Good luck!!
You have a long road of training to complete before worrying about advertising and prices etc,
your first port of call is some good recognised training.
If you put training in the search facility at the top of this page you will get pages of advise and if you go to forums and look under business you will find the answers to the rest of your questions hth

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