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Oct 13, 2015
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Hi all
I am wondering if anyone can help me.
I have studied beauty therapy and trying to open a salon in my own home and trying to set myself up and buy all the equipment I need.
Could anyone advise me what wax heater to buy? I want a single heater with a lid at an affordable price that you can place the wax directly into the heater without having to pour it in.
I also want to buy roll on wax with cartridges. Which is the best to buy? I am looking for something which the cartridges are affordable.
Looking forward to your responces
Hive 1000cc is a fab heater x
Thanks for your help emily9. With the hive heater can I place the wax directly into the heater? Or I have to pour it in?
Do you know anything about the roll on wax?
Can't help with the roll on wax, but yes you can just put the pot of wax in the heater, they also do a double heater which is handy x
Hi Nomi I use the hive 1000 heater for hot wax and I use the clean and easy roller system wax which I love and have used it for over 8 years with no issues ....easy to keep clean etc ....you can buy the clean n easy cartridges for this or buy alternative brand that still fit and cheaper.... I like to use a cream wax for brows and when the clean easy have been out of stock I've bought a tub and decanted into the roller pots......good luck with your new venture x
Thanks diamondgirl thats really helpful. Would you mind to send me a link of the wax that fits directly into the hive 1000 and a link for the clean and easy roller wax? I would greatly appreciate it.
Hi I don't use tub wax I use pellets for hot wax and tip them straight in the metal container ......I can't send you a direct link to the clean n easy wax as it shows wholesale price and I'm not allowed to put wholesale prices on here but I buy from capital and you can buy the roller wax unit and all the waxes from there x
Ok thanks a lot.
Is the 3 pack roller heads the correct thing? I dont seem to find the actual unit? Or is this it?
No the three pack roller heads are just the heads to put on the wax here's a picture of the kit you can buy from capital

And these are the wax cartridges you put the roller heads on these ....

Hope that helps x
oh I get it..
its really kind of you to be so helpful, hope you don't mind I ask you another question.

how does the wax actually heat up? sorry I don't seem to get it.
Ok in the first picture is a wax heater it has six different sized wax cartridges in it which are used for different things .......the bigger ones for legs /underarms and the smaller for face/ brows although I don't use the brow one I like to use dip method for this as in dip the stick in the wax....this heater is run by electricity so you plug it in and it warms the wax simples :)....there's a temperature thermostat on side that controls the temp x
Right now I get it.
Is there any way of buying the heater on its own without the kits because I dont want to use the small size because I will be using the dip method too..
I'm sure you can on the clean n easy website but to be quite honest the kit has everything you need to start even a dvd to show you how to use it so I would say it's more cost effective just decant the little bottles into the big c
Thanks for all your help.
You have beens simply great I have just ordered the kit from capital
I also ordered the hive 1000cc wax pot and I want to order some wax for it, is there no tins that come in that size that I can just drop in? And if not how do I get the wax in from a smaller tin?

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