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Jul 25, 2004
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I know this is a nothing to do with nails but I ah ave seen some some threads about waxing so I know some of you people offer it as a service, but I would like to explain what happened to me the other nite with a client and get some advice. I had a client booked for a full leg and bikini and forearm, well I was nervous as usual as I have just only just finished my NVQand have started working from home, I have already done a couple of clients and even though I am a little slow the waxing was fine ( I advertised through local leaflet drops). This client was a young girl of about 18/19 she had had a 3/4 leg wax done before at the local salon but not bikini or full leg. When she got on the couch I realised that she was extremely hairy, so much so there was no definition to her bikini line and from there she was complete covered in hairs down to her ankles and she also had very curly hair which made it difficult to see which way the hair was growing around the bikini line, anyway I got on with as I know that everyones different and I have got to get used to doing it but I wish it been after I had gained more experience, anyway sorry to rabbit on but it ended up taking me 2 and a half hours and I felt like a real amatuer but she seemed nice enough and we decided that after 2 and a half a hours she would come back the next day for her forearms as it wa getting late and I also said if there was mre she wanted taking off off the bikini I would do that as well, I told her to pay me when she came back the next day. (She told me thewaxing was for her holiday which was on Wednesday). I came home today Tuesdayfeltsick when I saw an envelope through the door with my name on it, I did not want to open it, it said " Teresa Its J from last nite. I cant make tonite as i am travelling for my holiday, sorry it is short notice. I have enclosed the money I owe you." I feel awful now and feel like giving up as I will never be any good,Im sure she wishes she had never come to me, she normally goes to the local salon and The fact that she left a note a did not ring and said she was going on holiday when orginally it was Wednesday makes me fell even worse, she lives a few roads up and got one of my leaflets at this rate I will not have any customers as I keep thinking she will tell everyone how long I took and what an amatuer I was, I have enough problems trying to get to grips with L & P and next Monday I have a lady booked in for the same but with underarn=ms and eyebrows. yuk I feel sick why cant I get lets ofpedicures and manicures I love them . Anyway I know Ive gone on a bit But I feel so bad and too embarrassed to deliver any more leaflets, anyone has any similar experiences to make feel better or advice.
a very despondant Teresa
P.S This is a great site and I have lots of questions on nails as I am just starting out in this business.
ps sorry about the spelling errors not a very good typist
sawasdee ka

My auntie do waxing for a long time she work in beauty now for about 10 year she teach every thing about waxing what is the problem please .

Thank you mui
I have jst edited my original thread which expleains my awful experience.
Why not charge a discounted rate (like we do for nail model sets) until you become confident? This way you will not feel under so much pressure as people know you are qualified but just trying to build up speed and experience - let them know it will take a bit longer but the results will be good and they will be fine. Confidence is very fragile in the early days so don't put yourself under extra pressure, you need to enjoy what you do and once you do your confidence will shine through. With regard to your client, do you know her address? Why not put a note through her door apologising and explain that you are still gaining experience, if you like her and want to keep her as a regular client why not give her a gift voucher for a pedicure which you enjoy doing and she can then see you at your best! If she was really that unhappy she wouldn'thave paid) Either that or change your leaflets to say "waxing excludes gorilla-people" lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi hun , i was the same when i started, my first proper client took me ages and i was soo nervous but she came back (i didnt think she would!!) your speed will get faster, and if i can ask you wot system do you use ? coz i use the phd system and it is so much faster , well worth the money , and i would also charge less and just explain to them that you have just finished your training and you want to get your times up , because there is nothing worse than going to someone who says ooh yeah i have been doing it ages and then proceeds to take forever because your clients will appreciate your honesty , hope this helps a little bit
omg what an embarrasing situation, she probably felt dead embarrassed being so hairy, (unless she thinks everyone looks like that, i know i do if i'm having a bad week and feeling low lol)you seemed to be very proffesional about the situation. i used to feel embarrased getting my upper lip waxed, not so much now though, i dreaded my first visit, it probably took alot of courage to go to you (and a lot of courage for you not to looked shocked as you saw what lay ahead) you never know she may come to you again. i have all this to look forward to as i am offering all my friends free lady garden trims no one is willing yet though.

what you must remember is that for her to pay you she must have been happy, otherwise she would't have paid you. good luck
I've pm'd you as it's a bit long winded.

Snap! I had a disaster a few months ago now with a biniki wax. If you look up my posts you will find it.

I don't envy the client you had at all. I've never actually had a full leg wax since I qualified a few months ago but I do know it does take ages.

I've had a few half legs under my belt now and I do believe I have got my speed up a bit now. I look approx 25 mins on Monday night and my client was extreamly hairy!

I used to hate eyebrow waxes too and everyone seems to want this and I came out in a hot sweat everytime someone wanted to book this. I feel alot more confident about the whole thing now and I do say that I have not long qualified and they seem to all take this in their stride.

A client said last night that my prices were very competitive too and obviously I have priced myself a little lower than any competition nearby.

Keep you pecker up and don't get down about this. In a couple of days you will feel different about the whole thing. ;)
Thankyou all for your reply's I feel a lot better now, I love this site its great being able to share youe experiences with each other, I have taken in every thing that has been said and from now on I will explain to all clients that I may take a bit longer as I have recently qualified. I am still not sure whether I should send a note to my client and offer her a complimentry pedicure and apologise for the time it took. What do you all think?
I think there will be no harm at all in sending her a voucher for a specific treatment or just for an amount but put a useby date on it for just a couple of months. If she wants a further treatment she will come back soon and that will give you piece of mind.

At least it will show you are a conscientious therepist and were aware that you took some time over the treatment, which is not a bad thing at all.

But I would say again not to worry, if she was really hairy then she would expect the treatment to take some time.

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