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Oct 14, 2015
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Hello Group

I am seeking an experienced therapist based in the Manchester area who can coach me on an ongoing basis in waxing. I prefer this approach to a 1 day course. I will pay an attractive hourly rate , bring in my own models,+ potentially also pay travel expenses. I am based in Cheadle, Stockport, have my own therapy room and equipment and am level 3 qualified with Anatomy and physiology under my belt of course.

I'd be really grateful of any recommentations /pointers.

Unfortunately, although this sounds an ideal situation for yourself, there is a difference between one to one TRAINING and having an experienced therapist COACH you, and that difference is a major one...its called Insurance! In order to be insured to carry out these treatments (and trust me, intimate waxing is not something to be undertaken if you're not insured..it could be a minefield...) you would have to undertake training with a qualified trainer and pass to their standards. This could be done on a one -to-one basis, but may be pricey, as you are paying for their undivided attention for a day.

I would thoroughly recommend you attend Kim Lawless's training,I believe she does come to Manchester occasionally, or any suitably qualified trainer in these treatments. HTH :)
Try Penny Turvey xx
thanks for the referrals and advice :)

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