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Jan 3, 2011
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Hi geeks just a quick question, I'm just in the process of setting up my website and might be a really dumb question, but am I allowed to just copy and paste images from say for example.. Sienna x.. To promote my tans.. I did train with them.. Also same with babtac.. I have my insurance with them so can I use there images.. Or do I have to get permission first? Please help!
If you're using an image from another you would need to get permission. You can always use iStockPhoto to purchase inexpensive photos for your website.

BTW I'm a developer for its going to be a high-end directory website to help generate leads for salons. Sign up to be notified of our launch.
Send them an email and ask, I'm sure they will send you their preferred logos. They may ask you to link them to their site but that's not a problem, or they may have a section on their site where you can download the logos when you log in. Worth asking the question, if you're worried xx
Thanks for your replies! X
Always best to ask permission... Sweet Squared, for example, are very good if you ask them (if you use CND or Minx products), and will send you a CD of images to use on your site... there is some copyright text that you need to add to your site if you use CND or Minx images though, which they will advise you of.

In terms of stock photos, you are playing Russian Roulette if you "borrow" pics from a Google Image Search or wherever for your site; if the copyright is owned by Getty Images or Corbis Images, you could end up with a bill for hundreds of pounds, with the threat of court action if you don't pay up! Far cheaper (in the long run) to use a stock photo site, e.g. iStock Photo: Royalty Free Stock Photography, Vector Art Images, Music & Video Stock Footage | iStock or Royalty-Free Stock Photos at or Dreamstime Stock Photography: download free stock photos & royalty free images - where you can buy images suitable for web use from a quid or so per image...

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